My Future Studies in 3D

I am very pleased to announce that I’ve been awarded a scholarship for the University of Kent to work on my proposal looking at Virtual Reality and its potential use in archaeological theory. This is actually a proposal I began over a year ago in December 2015 and I was granted a place last year but have had to wait until this year to acquire funding.

I’m exceptionally thrilled and excited to not only be joining the University of Kent in Canterbury but also to be working on a project that I’ve been thinking about for the past decade in one form or another. Unfortunately this means that my active participation in the Cairns non-ferrous reconstruction project will come to an end. I’ve been in discussion with Martin Carruthers about this and I am more than happy to continue in an advisory role after August 2017 but I will be unable to offer any solid time to the project.

I sincerely hope the banner can be taken up by another with a similar interest in this endeavour and take the project to new and interesting places. I equally hope that this summers season of excavations turns up yet more mould fragments for analysis (although I suspect I will be excited and gutted at the same time).

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